After showing some serious diabolical genius by outfitting sharks with lasers, Hong-Kong based company Wicked Lasers ups the ante by releasing a real-life lightsaber. Yes, it's dangerous, and can quite literally burn your face off, but that's a small price to pay for wielding your very own laser sword. Isn't that right, 'Star Wars' fans?

Billed as the "LaserSaber" and sold for $100, the contraption is actually a 32" polycarbonate add-on that attaches to Wicked Lasers' $400 handheld Spyder 3 laser series, which the company calls "the world's most powerful laser you can legally own."

The LaserSaber functions using a complicated array of diffusers and a "magnetic gravity system." But, honestly, we don't care how it works as long as we can use it against a Sith.

Still, the company's multiple warnings give us some pause. If used improperly, for example, Wicked Lasers says "devastating consequences" like blindness, burns and fires could result. (Not to mention wedgies from bullies.) But, hey, being a Jedi isn't without risks. Besides, we have faith in the Force to protect us.