There's nothing cuter than a litter of adorable puppies, but when those pups turn into a thundering herd, you better watch out. In this video, a man in a bathrobe and slippers mugs for the camera as he tries in vain to escape a puppy stampede.

According to the video's description on YouTube, a couple's dog needed a break from tending to her 11 puppies. So, they decided to rustle up an impromptu stampede and give mama dog time to rest.

As the man runs through several rooms, the puppies give chase, yapping adorably all the while. Most of the dogs give him a good run for his money, but a few -- like the one who runs into a step stool -- find that being part of a herd isn't as easy as it looks. Eventually, though, the pups grow wise to the man's game and decide to simply lie in wait. Look out! The stampede is coming.