We've said this before, and we'll say it again-- puppies and kids are a match made in adorable heaven, especially when they're playing together. How do they pull it off? We have no idea, nor are we questioning.

Lightsaber battles between Jedi boys and their tough puppies are pretty cute and all, but what about the girls? Well, they go for an arguably more adorable playtime tactic-- doggie makeovers.

This tot subjects her poor pup to some innocent torture, but hey-- beauty is pain. She totally knows what she's doing, too. Miss Munchkin uses a little combing here and a few squirts of inhaler there. You know, all the necessary steps in achieving canine beauty.

Unfortunately, the tiny pup makes a getaway as soon as said beautifier lets go of her sturdy leg grip, but luckily for us, things get cuter.

"Come back here you silly puppy! I not finished yet!"

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