A California family got a (literal) gift from above when a puppy fell from the sky into their backyard last Sunday. And now the puppy, who was dropped by a hungry hawk, is a beloved part of their family.

The dog fell 30 feet after he slipped from a hawk's talons and landed in Elaine Bouchard's backyard. Bouchard's seven-year-old grandson, Taylor, first noticed the plummeting pooch and brought it to her attention.

Bouchard believes the dog was plucked from a nearby junkyard and must have freed himself from the clutches of the predatory bird. “If you look at him right now, he’s so wiggly,” she said. "He’s such a little bulldozer. I can actually see him wiggling right out of the talons.”

After a trip to the veterinarian to treat the dog's injuries, Bouchard decided to keep the pup, who since been named "TJ Heavenly."

"My thought is that when God drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it," she said. We agree!