It's that time of year again -- the kids go back to school, the leaves start changing color and, most importantly, pumpkin spice latte is back.

Don't act ignorant. You know this classic autumn drink. And more than that, you know that guy in your office who loves it. Like, really, really loves it and wants to share his affinity for it with anyone and everyone.

That guy from the office is sent up in this hilarious video from 102.1 & 105.3 The Shark in Portsmouth, N.H. You'll be able to relate to this overly-enthusiastic fella who is intent on getting his co-worker to get onboard with the latte.

Unfortunately for him, his antics can drive his colleague to drink (just not pumpkin spice latte, though). In the end, the co-worker gets the last -- and violent -- laugh.

He really needs to calm down. Perhaps he should kick back and enjoy a pumpkin spice...oh, just forget it.

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