We don't know about you but we can't properly go through a day without getting a 'Simpsons' fix. Now we've found a way to get ourselves set for the next three months and a week, give or take.

Someone with a working knowledge of iMovie, more than a few 'Simpsons' box sets and a lot of time on their hands took 100 episodes of TV's favorite yellow family and smashed them together in one giant mega episode.

They aren't just randomly thrown together. They are actually organized chronologically. According to the YouTube description, each line from top to bottom runs from the first to the tenth season and from left to right, they run from the first to the 13th episode of each season. That works out perfectly because 'The Simpsons' stopped being funny at the 14th season.

So if you're in a hurry and just itching to watch an episode, pull up a chair, crack open a cold Duff and dust off your opera glasses. Take aspirin for any headaches. We find that squinting helps.