Of all the music fanatics and crazy characters to show up at SXSW, we never expected to see presidential candidate from New Hampshire, Vermin Supreme. You remember this guy, right? How could you not? He promised everyone free ponies in exchange for their votes.

The folks at 95.5 KLAQ Radio, who thought this guy looked like a "Cheech & Chong acid trip on steroids," caught him in Austin, Texas walking down -- wait for it -- South Congress Avenue. Perfect coincidence, right? Considering how political he is about stuff.

Apparently, Mr. Supreme got a higher percentage of votes than Rick Perry did on the Democratic ticket, so his next step was to introduce himself to all the good people at the SXSW festival. You know, reach out to the Republicans and independents.

Politics aside, though, we have gotten confirmation about our ponies: "[they're] in the mail, man."

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