When the most powerful man in the world wants to leave, you'd best get moving.

After President Obama attended the funeral of former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres on Friday, he was set to head home on Air Force One. There was just one small problem: his traveling companion, and former president, Bill Clinton, wouldn't get on the plane, apparently taking his sweet time and forcing Obama to yell at him to leave.

Poor Barack. He's been reduced to the annoyed husband ready to pull out of the driveway, waiting for his wife to try on one more dress, finish putting on her makeup, open the front door and hop in the car so they can get to that wedding in time. He may be president, but he still has the same issues as the rest of us common folk.

And nice job by Bill bumming a ride. Wonder if he offered to pay for the gas and any food when they stopped to stretch their legs. That's just common courtesy, whether someone gives you a lift in a car or a plane.

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