At a Monday night fundraiser at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, President Obama's speech was interrupted when some hooligan concerned citizen in attendance yelled that Mr. Obama was the "antichrist" and that "Jesus Christ is savior!" Well, it beats having a pair of shoes thrown at you.

The president exhibited his trademark cool and unflappable demeanor, pausing to let the heckler finish his outburst and even agreeing with his remarks about Jesus. (Obama is smiling in the photo, probably because he knows that the Secret Service dude in the background is ready to put the smack-down on the guy.)

As the man, who was clearly never taught to raise his hand before speaking, was carted out by security, the crowd of about 1,000 people booed the heckler and chanted, "Four more years! Four more years!"

Ever the gentleman, Obama asked if the heckler left his jacket behind. Wouldn't want the guy who called you the "antichrist" to come down with the sniffles.

Check out Obama's awkward heckler encounter below.


[via Mediaite]

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