When you run on the field during a baseball game, you should expect rough treatment from the security guards or the players, if they happen to get to you first.

However, Chicago White Sox left fielder Dayan Viciedo couldn't have been more gentle when he apprehended a field invader during the sixth inning of his team's game against the Baltimore Orioles earlier this week.

That's probably because the runner is said to be four-years-old, and Viciedo was able to effortlessly swoop him up and carry him over to security.

"My first reaction was just to grab him," Viciedo said via an interpreter. "What I was thinking was that I hoped a ball doesn't hit him, so that is why I instinctively went to grab him."

The boy and two adults were ejected from the game. Speculation is that the youngster was told by his dad to run onto the field.

Baseball fans may remember an incident at Chicago's Cellular Field in 2002 when a shirtless and heavily inebriated father and son duo jumped out of the stands and attacked Kansas City Royals' coach Tom Gamboa.

While that incident was downright scary, this father and son misadventure on Chicago's South Side ended up being pretty adorable, with a big assist from Viciedo.