When Nicole and Macin Leszczynski paid for $50 in groceries at the Safeway in Makiki, HI, they absent-mindedly forgot to ring up a five dollar sandwich Nicole had been snacking on while they shopped.

This became an issue when the couple, who were with their three-year old daughter Zophia, were asked to show their receipt to store security on the way out. Although the Leszcynskis immediately offered to pay the five dollars for the un-charged sandwich, store management refused, and instead called police, who arrested Nicole and Macin and put their daughter into foster care.

Nicole, who is also 30-weeks pregnant, said she spent a sleepless night in prison, worrying about little Zophia, who had never been away from her parents for more than a few hours. It was 18 hours before mother and daughter were reunited.

After a public outcry, Safeway has decided not to press charges against the couple, and a spokesman for the company issued an apology for putting the couple through the ordeal. Watch Nicole describe her the unfortunate incident below.

[via Fox KHON 2]