Teen phenom Justin Bieber may have legions of fans, but 88-year-old Dilcie Fleming isn't among them. That's because a tweet from Bieber caused Fleming to be inundated by calls from fans looking to speak to him. Now the Texas grandmother is demanding an apology.

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Three weeks ago, Bieber tweeted the message "Call me right now" along with a random phone number that was missing the final digit. Eager Bieber fans guessed at the missing number and many of them ended up calling Fleming.

At first, she couldn't explain why her phone started ringing off the hook. "I had no idea what was going on," said Fleming. "I was told that this young man put a number up on the Tweeter, or whatever it's called, but left off the last digit. People were punching in until they got an answer."

In fact, the calls got so bad that Fleming was forced to remove the phone from her bedroom and changed her recorded message to indicate that the number isn't Bieber's.

For the prank, Fleming wants a written apology in which Bieber admits he was wrong. "I've had this number since 1966 and I'm not about to change it," she said. "I think if this young man would put out that this was an error and he apologized, maybe people would quit calling."

Or, she'll also take concert tickets. "I have grandchildren, and a 6-year-old great-granddaughter," she explained.

At least one other area resident also received calls from scores of Beliebers, as many as three per second, he said. Both he and Fleming have hired an attorney and are reportedly considering legal action.

What do you think? Was this a harmless prank or was Bieber being wildly irresponsible?