If brick-and-mortar stores want to fend off the threat of online outlets, this may be the key.

A man who bought socks on Amazon captured his postal carrier delivering throwing the package. Sure, there were only socks in the box and throwing it wasn't going to damage the items like the carrier would've had he been toting a brand new vase, but, still, this doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the United States Postal Service.

That's where those brick-and-mortar stores come in. They should start an ad campaign reminding customers to come in and buy their goods, so you can carry them out of your own accord, instead of taking a chance with some mailman fancying himself a civic worker Tom Brady who likes to throw mail like he's going for the end zone.

Man, if only Radio Shack had thought of this, we might still be going in there to buy whatever the heck it is we ever went in there to buy.

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