Pope Francis' US tour has taken a turn for the yummy.

The pontiff is visiting New York City this week and the Big Apple is more than ready. You could say people there could just eat him up.

Bleecker Street Pizza has created a pizza pie with an image of the pope on it. It almost looks too good to eat.

Tony Salihaj had the brilliant idea for the holy food and used mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, tomatoes, anchovies and peppers to create the culinary masterpiece.

Getting your mitts on this may be harder than snapping a selfie with the pope. Why's that? Salihaj says it takes about five hours to cook and since they're already popular items, there may not be enough to meet the demand.

And while the odds of Pope Francis swinging by for a slice are pretty slim, don't be surprised, since he has shown a liking for pizza.

Who knows, maybe the pizza rat will stop by to give it a try?

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