The pop icon may not have been around long enough to earn an Elvis-like following, but Elvis never had his own 'round-the-clock blog. Bieber, however, does.

PopCrush revamped its site today to the ultimate destination for all things Bieber with the appropriately named "BieberCrush".

bieber crush

The entire site has been reworked and redesigned from top to bottom to properly worship its new fresh faced pop deity. It's got all the latest news from his recent honor at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards to the enticing teaser to his new video 'Boyfriend.'

And when they run out of news to cover, they've got in-depth and thoughtful features on the kid's career. So far, they've covered the possible collaborations his fans would like to see to his infatuation with the color purple (the actual color, not the movie).

We here at TheFW would like to welcome our new partner in blogging to the TownSquare Media network. It's not only bound to become one of our most popular sites, but it's also a lucrative venture for us since it's bound to bring us lots of traffic and new friends, at least until the end of April Fool's Day.

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