An attack ad is one thing, but an attack ad on your own family? Well, that’s something else altogether.

This campaign ad for Gerald Daugherty, who’s seeking re-election as county commissioner in Texas’ Travis County, is refreshingly light-hearted while smartly making its point that he’s the man for the position. Basically, we see that Daugherty is obsessed with his job, bores his dinner guests with shop talk and is so focused on work that his wife wants him to win just so he’ll be out of the house.

The characters are suffering so quietly in silence that we almost feel like we’re watching an episode of The Office.

And Gerald’s wife isn’t even attacking his opponent – she’s attacking him. As she reminds us, “Please re-elect Gerald. Please.” We kind of feel like Melania Trump and Bill Clinton could put out the same ad to make the same point, while Donald and Hillary could take a lesson from the novel way Gerald has courted voters.

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