Pokemon Go? Try Pokemon Stop. That's the kind of advice these boneheads need.

A man in Auburn, N.Y. drove into a tree because he was distracted playing Pokemon Go while behind the wheel.

According to police:

The driver admitted to actively playing the Pokémon Go game while driving causing him to become distracted and run off the roadway into a tree. This is an example of how easily accidents can occur when someone is engaged in the game and not paying attention."

Police say it's important for people to use common sense when playing the game and should not play while operating any vehicle.

While the car was severely damaged, the driver did not suffer any serious injuries.

People losing focus in the name of Pokemon Go may be a growing problem. Aside from that driver and this anchorwoman, another man found out the importance of knowing your surroundings when he fell into a pond while on the hunt for a Lure. You can see his blunder below.

Go ahead and laugh, but you know very well this could just as easily happen to you.

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