Philly: It's not just for cheesesteaks anymore.

You can grab a fine slice of pizza anywhere, but only in the City of Brotherly Love can you nosh on a slice and enjoy pizza-specific memorabilia, such as photos, videos, knickknacks and more, at what appears to be the first-ever pizza museum.

Brian Dwyer, who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of pizza-related memorabilia with 561 items as of July 2011, and three partners have opened Pizza Brain, which is a hybrid of a pizza shop and a gallery, located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

After doing a little digging, Dwyer, 28, and his partners learned that "nowhere on earth was there a physical place, a monument built to pizza." That's when they knew their idea was "huge."

So what pizza relics will you find at Pizza Brain? Well, there's the soundtrack to 'Mystic Pizza' and a holiday album from Dominos. Figurines of that notorious, donut-loving foodie Homer Simpson and Spider-Man bearing slices are also displayed. Pizza-related programs air on the cluster of TVs and there is a mural on the establishment's back patio.

Dwyer will rotate the items on display, so it behooves you to visit as often as possible if you are a local.

Interestingly enough, Pizza Brain was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, so diehard pizzaholics – those more dedicated that the normal pizza eater-- aren't as few and far between as you might think. Dwyer considers pizza to be the only food synonymous with "party" and a "great equalizer" since people identify with it.

Yeah, we're apt to think that people love pizza because cheese, dough and tomato sauce taste amazing together. Duh.

The eatery is not just about the décor. They offer artisan pizzas, with tasty treats like pulled pork as a topping. There's also a pizza designed to taste like French onion soup. Mmm.