As part of an elaborate April Fool's Day joke, the city of Philadelphia has created lanes on sidewalks that are designated for use by chronic texters. But, officials say, although the lanes themselves are a prank, the dangers that inattentive pedestrians face are very real.

On certain sidewalks near Philadelphia's City Hall, lines and signage have been placed that create "e-lanes," corridors for those who habitually use digital devices while walking. Officials say the joke lanes will stay in place through to the end of the week.

In a mock video commemorating the lanes, Mayor Michael Nutter says the initiative is meant to keep users of digital devices from bumping into people or getting run over by cars. He also says the lanes are the first of their kind, establishing Philadelphia as "a leader in the vanguard of public safety."

Hmm. Joke or not, maybe Philadelphia's on to something here. What do you think? Are "texting lanes" actually a good idea?

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