Talk about a light show.

The Perseid meteor shower peaked around the world on Aug. 12-14 creating a spectacle in the sky.

According to NASA, the Perseid meteor shower is "considered the best meteor shower of the year" thanks to its bright meteors.

"Perseids are also known for their fireballs," NASA explains on its website. "Fireballs are larger explosions of light and color that can persist longer than an average meteor streak."

Each of the meteors comes from leftover comet particles and the remains of broken asteroids according the NASA. says the Perseid meteoroid typically moves at a speed of 133,200 mph as it reaches the Earth's atmosphere. At that point, they become what is known as meteors.

The Perseids occur annually, but the quality of their viewing can be heavily affected by a string of conditions including cloud cover and the amount of moonlight.

The 2023 edition proved to be one of the best in recent years thanks to relatively low moonlight, said.

Looking ahead, astronomers are predicting an event that will top that in just five years. A "meteor shower storm" is predicted for the Perseids in 2028.

Here are some of the best 2023 Perseid meteor shower photos from around the world.

LOOKING UP: 40 Breathtaking Images Of The Perseid Meteor Shower Around The World

According to NASA, the Perseid meteor shower is "considered the best meteor shower of the year." The show typically peaks mid-August. For 2023, the shower peaked around the world between Aug. 12-14. The latest edition of the meteor shower created an extra special light show in the sky. Here is what the Perseid meteor shower looked like across the globe.

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