Revenge is a dish best served deafening.

This man decided to get back at his cat for meowing in the middle of the night by sneaking up on said feline and meowing while the creature slept.

The cat is shaken from his slumber and seems at a loss for words. Indeed, he's looking at his owner with a kind of "What'd he...what's he doing...what's going on here?" type expression.

The man certainly made his point, but you have to wonder if the cat ultimately got the message to keep his trap shut in the wee hours or if he's so ticked off that his owner had the gall to pull this stunt that he's going to ratchet up the meowing to a volume so annoying and a pace so infuriatingly frenetic that the man will fall asleep when he gets to work the next day and winds up getting fired for it.

All because a cat meowed.

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