Pat Sajak raised eyebrows when he revealed he's raised more than a few glasses over the years. The veteran 'Wheel of Fortune' host even admitted he has hosted the classic game show while drunk.

How can you tell when Pat Sajak is drunk? So glad you asked.

Here are 11 signs that Pat Sajak is always toasted.

1. He tells anyone within earshot that ‘The Pat Sajak Show’ was the greatest talk show of all time.

2. He thinks he’s hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ and demands all the contestants solve the puzzle in the form of a question.

3. He complains it’s too bright when the letters light up.

4. He throws up after getting dizzy whenever the contestants spin the wheel.

5. He laughs uncontrollably when the “before and after” puzzle is “Johnnie Walker, Texas Ranger.”

6. He announces he wants to buy two vowels: AA.

7. Vanna White says he has a personality.

8. He does a shot every time someone lands on ‘bankrupt.’

9. He reveals his actual name is Pat Sa-Jack Daniels.

10. He goes off on a rant, claiming he can beat up Alex Trebek with one hand behind his back.

11. When asked how to spell his name, he says, "R, S, T, L, N, E."

Watch the interview where Pat Sajak admitted to being drunk during 'Wheel of Fortune' tapings below.

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