Whatever the situation, you don't want to get on Overly Attached Girlfriend's bad side. She can get super weird, super quick. But the truth is, all her creepiness is really funny. So what better way to spice up the American Music Awards red carpet than by planting the YouTube sensation in the path of famous musicians and celebrities?

With a mic and a nightmare-inducing expression, Overly Attached Girlfriend made her reporting debut last weekend at the AMAs, making sure she was extra obnoxious and totally unaware of who she was trying to interview. The stars seemed to avoid her end of the carpet, which makes us wonder whether she really did creep out the celebs. Except, we're pretty sure screaming "YOU BELONG WITH ME!" over and over again at Taylor Swift won't make her come running over for an interview. Just sayin', overly attached girlfriend. Just sayin'.

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