Can’t make it to autumn in New England this year? Then, let autumn in New England come to you.

Shipfoliage is a company that will send you New England leaves. As it declares:

We collect, preserve and ship gorgeous fall foliage! All leaves are collected from New England, and undergo a unique preservation process. The process enhances the foliage color contrast and also preserves the leaves for years to come!

It’ll be like you’re living in a B&B in Cape Cod, snuggled next to a roaring fire while sipping on hot apple cider. For $19.99, you can order a three-leaf bundle that is "color balanced, one red, one yellow and one green or mixed leaf. Leaves are approximately three-by-six inches, though sizes may vary."

What an amazingly simple idea, right? We could totally see this catching on, with other regions cashing in on some of their best known things. Maybe you can order Kansas City barbecue air freshener. Or ice from Minnesota. Or smog from Los Angeles.