We love a good life hack, but we're not totally sure about this one.

YouTuber Dave Hax has shared this novel way to open a can with a spoon if you don't have a can opener.

The first thing, other than a spoon, that you're going to need is some muscle. That's because you have to rub the tip of the utensil along the top of the can while pressing down before you create a hole (Hulk-like skills would help here). Then, you'll need to use the spoon to cut the top, just like a can opener would do.

Dave is wise enough to acknowledge what we were thinking the entire time we watched this: this doesn't look so safe. The top of cans are sharp and you can hurt yourself. He recommends being careful or maybe even wearing gloves, lest you fear stabbing yourself and risk blood seeping into that can of green beans you're so apparently desperate to open that you've decided to use a spoon in the name of being some sort of domesticated MacGyver.

What do you think? Is this life hack good or is this just one of the many things on the internet that you simply can't believe?

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