It took about three months, but 106 dedicated fans of the game Fronterville have posted over one million comments on a single Facebook post, setting what they believe is a Guinness World record.

The thread was started by a woman named Tracey Hodgsen, who on October 30 opened the Ffgpioneers/gwr/attempt group to discussion of any topic for the expressed purpose of breaking the record.  Most of the comments that followed are pretty sparse -- even by Interent commenting standards -- many no longer than a word. But the important thing is they got to a million, or an average of a little over 9000 comments for each person who participated in the quest.

The previous Guinness Record for most comments on a Facebook item is 529,335, set by Robert Esposito, so the Fronterville group would seem like a shoo-in to shatter that mark, when Guinness is able to officially confirm the comment haul.

We have to say that typing words like "wooop" over and over is much easier way to set a world record than climbing stairs on your head or shoving quarters up your nose or doing most of the other wacky things folks do to snag a spot in the record books these days.

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