The raucous comedy 'Old School' came out almost ten years ago. (And, yes, that is making us feel a bit old ourselves.) It didn't neccesarily help to see the movie's three stars, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson, all looking even more middle-aged during a reunion at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards.

They were there, along with the film's director Todd Phillips, to accept a Guys Choice Hall of Fame Award for their work in the movie about thirty-somethings who try to spice up their boring lives by forming their own college-style fraternity.

Phillips used the occasion to remind everybody that the film, which is now considered to be a pretty essential comedy, wasn't always so well thought of. “Noted jerkoff Roger Ebert gave the movie one star and said ‘this is not a funny movie,’” Phillips gloated during the ceremony.

Besides receiving their award, the foursome was treated to a Medieval Times-style banquet, because that's apparently what guys do. This resulted in Ferrell channeling Frank the Tank by thrusting a large turkey drumstick in the air and yelling "Game of Thrones." Thankfully, he was clothed.

The Guys Choice Awards will air on Spike TV June 9th. As for an 'Old School' sequel, over the last few months both Phillips and Wilson have expressed their doubts that it will ever happen. But we're still hoping for it. And soon, because 'Elderly School' doesn't have the same ring. Check out more photos and a video highlight from the Hall of Fame award presentation below.

John C. Reilly Inducts Old School Into Guy Movie Hall of Fame
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Old School
Old school
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