When was the last time you met someone at the airport? Were you waiting with flowers? And did you give them a big, heartwarming hug and kiss upon their arrival? Well, this fella did, and he's making the rest of us look bad.

This is one of those "tells a whole story in 30 seconds"-type videos, though we suppose it's the kind where it tells a different story for everyone who views it. It sure seems like a man waiting for his wife, but where is she coming from? How long was she away? Maybe she's not his wife, maybe it's an affair! Maybe they were childhood sweethearts whose love was torn apart by their warring families and only now, after all these years, can they finally escape together to some hidden island in the South Pacific...

Whatever the actual facts are, just make sure the next time your significant other goes away on a trip that you follow this man's lead. We'll be sitting over here, surreptitiously recording you.

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