Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty may no longer be with us, but thanks to the magic of VHS, there's still so much we can learn from them.

Rue's Cat Care Video Guide

For example, Rue's Cat Care Video Guide above teaches us how to count to a thousand -- animals -- hoarder style.

Bea Arthur Hates Horse Urine

Meanwhile, fellow animal-lover Bea Arthur had nothing but harsh words to say about the hormonal supplement Premarin, which is made from the urine of pregnant horses. She channeled her "neigh-saying" into this public service announcement.

Betty White At 32

Betty's been old since before most of us were born -- she was already in her thirties when this live TV special was aired in 1954. Note that while beauty may be fleeting, some hairstyles endure for decades...

Estelle Getty Gets Physical

Here's a low-impact workout video from the matriarch of the 'Golden Girls' clan (despite being a year younger than Bea), Estelle Getty. Most of the "exercise" consists of standing around talking with your friends -- a technique she surely perfected on the set of her hit TV show.

'Clueless' Golden Girls

Finally, let us never forget when three of the four Girls reunited at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards to present a very special version of the hit film 'Clueless.' But don't let this last morsel lure you into dismissing this post as sheer entertainment. Thanks to Bea, Rue, and Estelle, you're officially a smarter, fitter and more compassionate crazy cat lady.