You may have heard about Obie the Obese Dachshund, a dog that weighs 77 pounds and is literally twice the weight of a healthy dog. The good news is that Obie is currently on a diet and engaged in hydrotherapy (he's too fat to walk, literally.) The bad news is that he's currently the center of a bitter custody battle.

Nora Vanatta, Obie's current owner, is in a fight with Oregon Dachshund Rescue, who originally received Obie into their care. The ODR claims that Obie isn't getting proper veterinary care and isn't well-treated, while Vanatta claims this is really about the $10,000 or so in donations to help Obie that she currently has in a Paypal account.

Either way, we just hope Obie, who's already lost ten pounds, gets back to a health weight. You can catch up with him on the Facebook page Vanatta currently runs.