If you're going to do an interview with the president, you may as well hit him with the hard stuff -- campaign finance reform, Afghanistan, or maybe just ask him about Nicki Minaj, that's probably a better idea. President Obama is full of surprises -- when a DJ questioned him about some lyrics referencing the singer's controversial remarks about Mitt Romney, he proved to be pretty familiar with Nicki Minaj's body of work. 

In an interview at a radio station in Orlando, President Obama was asked what he thought about Nicki Minaj's verse that says she's going to vote for Romney. He attributes it to the fact that "she likes to play different characters." She's only got about a gajillion alter egos, so that seems like a fairly plausible explanation. It's safe to say one of them is a Romney supporter. Heck, one might even be voting for Lyndon LaRouche.

That's right, President Obama -- just brush the haters right off by saying maybe it's because they're crazy. That's a hard defense to argue with.

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