If you found last night's presidential debate as dry as we did, then you'll welcome this side-splitting parody where Pres. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney impersonators trade insults and discuss pop culture while getting haircuts at the barber. Who knew Obama was a fan of 'Gangnam Style'?

The video, which is part of a series called "Presidential Clippings" by Stun Creative, begins innocently enough as Obama welcomes his rival to the old school hair joint. But things quickly turn nasty as the two rib each other over an endless array of policy and public opinion issues.

"I can go on like this all day," says Obama.

"Of course you can," replies Romney. "You don't have a job to get to."

But Obama, at least, seems to be more in touch with pop culture as his take on the 'Gangnam Style' dance illustrates. Romney, however, is much further removed and struggles to pump up Latino support by using an app called "Spanish for Rich Out-of-Touch Idiots."

If the remaining debates are anything like this, you can bet we'll be watching.