You've probably already seen the photo of Big Apple Pizza owner Scott Van Duzer giving Barack Obama a mighty bear hug hug during a campaign stop the President made in Fort Pierce, FL over the weekend.

The picture started to go viral on Sunday, and suddenly Van Duzer became an instant-celebrity who is currently making the media rounds. But when the muscular 46-year-old, a self-proclaimed Republican, said he would also be voting for his new hug buddy it didn't sit well with some conservatives.

In fact, the Yelp page for Big Apple Pizza was hit by a deluge of negative one-star reviews, with many of the entries referencing the president's notorious "you didn't build it" comment about small businesses.

However thanks to Yelp deleting some of the reviews that clearly had nothing to do with the qualify of Big Apple's pizza, and Obama supporters jumping in with positive reviews, Big Apple Pizza currently has a five star rating -- and well over 2,000 new reviews.

It seems to us a shame that something as delicious as pizza has now been so sullied by politics. It also really calls into question the integrity of Yelp's rating system. And if you can't trust random people on the internet, who can you trust?