If you've ever lived below another apartment, then you'll want to stop whatever it is you're doing and watch this.

This funny video takes a tongue-in-cheek look at what it's like being upstairs neighbors -- you know, those people who make mysterious sounds at all hours of the day and never appear to leave their home. We've all come across these people. They're the ones whose alarms go off for hours on end, play the trumpet or tap dance in high heels and refuse to put down a carpet to soften the volume.

As this clip reminds us, "Their ceiling is our stage." It sure feels like that sometimes while you're stuck a floor below trying to get some sleep at 3 AM when they break out the bongos.

Sure, we think these people are selfish, rude and  inconsiderate, but as this humorous clip shows, they're actually focused on the "art form" of being the noisiest neighbors possible.

It's nice to see some folks are so dedicated to their craft.