A couple in New Jersey are suing a landlord for their security deposit after fleeing a rental home they say is haunted. The landlord, meanwhile, alleges that the couple is simply trying to break their lease. Who do you believe?

Michele Callan and fiance Josue Chinchilla moved into a home in Toms River, NJ, on March 1st and moved out a week later after experiencing a range of paranormal activity.

The couple says they felt ghostly taps on the shoulder, saw flickering lights, witnessed doors opening and closing and even recorded spectral voices whispering, "Let it burn." They're now suing landlord Richard Lopez for the return of their $2,250 deposit.

Lopez, however, quickly filed a counter-suit. "Frankly, there is something else going on," said Lopez's lawyer David Semanchik. "[Callan] is a single mom, she has this fiance living with her. I think she is in over her head and she can't afford the rent."

What do you think? Is the couple telling the truth? Or are they simply trying to dodge their rent? Either way, the fees from this legal battle promise to be really scary.

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