Every child of the '80s loves Nintendo. It's built into their DNA, along with knowing all the lyrics to the "Full House" theme and owning at least one piece of "Alf" merchandise. But some people take their love a bit further than others. Like, painting shoes further.

For example, here are some handpainted shoes courtesy of the Etsy seller Jamie Ferraioli. Ferraioli takes the shoes you send to her, and paints them with her own designs based off of classic games like "The Legend of Zelda" and "Super Mario Bros." And, for a custom paint job on the shoes you love, they're reasonably inexpensive, to boot. A job generally runs between $75 to $160. As women's shoes go, that's cheap, and way more stylish than Jimmy Choos, if you're a nerd.

Now we just need somebody else to introduce a rival line of shoes based on Genesis games, and then spend a lot of money arguing their shoes are technologically superior, and we have the ultimate in '80s footwear.

[ via Buzzfeed ]