Turn up the volume to the highest setting to get the full effect of the overly dramatic background music that just highlights this adorable kitten video!

Animal lovers everywhere will giggle uncontrollably at the two cute kitties that first appear. With their tiny paws, oversized tiger stripes, and big heads, the two are undeniably adorable as they groom themselves and appear to be minding their own business.

Then the music shifts and the camera pans to see two more melt-your-heart kittens slowly moving towards them. Like all good predators, these little ones have superb hunting instincts as they creep silently towards their prey. However, Momma Cat may take points off for getting momentarily distracted by the squishy toy ball though.

The ferocious hunters move into stealth ninja kitty mode as they pounce on their siblings, creating one giant furry ball of feline cuteness. One ninja kitten teams up with one of their lazier litter-mate and they playfully bite and swat until the fuzzy animal rolls over in defeat. Meanwhile, the other ninja cat observes their poor hunting technique (you can practically hear it thinking "amateurs" as its siblings playfully nip at one another) and reaches out one paw to show 'em how its done. Is there anything cuter than kitty fight club?