Video arcades aren't as popular as they once were, what with modern gaming systems bringing high-quality graphics into the home. And a video arcade featuring only games made out of cardboard? Well, that obviously wouldn't stand a chance in today's marketplace.

But a cardboard video arcade is what nine-year-old Caine Monroy built, and it includes an innovative collection of games like soccer, basketball and even a fully-functional claw machine. 

Despite his creative work, Caine waited and waited for customers. But they never arrived.

Finally, a man named Nirvan Mullick came across the arcade, which was located in Caine's father's East Los Angeles auto parts shop. Mullick, a filmmaker, was properly blown away by Caine's Arcade. So he made a short film about it. If you have ten minutes, you should really check it out. Both the film and the arcade are pretty special.

And as for the customer problem? Well, the Flash Mob that arrived once word caught on took care of that.