Most high school seniors struggle with choosing a quote for their picture in the yearbook. After all, it's like a tattoo in its permanence and painfulness to remove. Some kids opt for the philosophical, others inspirational, while the most regretful select something so dated, it causes violent flashbacks when read. Then, there are the comical quotes. 

At Presentation High School, eight women with the same last name decided to have fun with the common misconception that they're all related by splitting up and sharing their senior quote. "We know what you're thinking and no we're not related," the quote reads. It turns out the statement is not completely true, two of the Nguyens are twin sisters -- Angela and Madeline.

The octet have already been interviewed by the San Jose Mercury News and are scheduled to appear on 'Inside Edition.' They hope to be featured on 'Ellen' or the 'Today' show. While the move was impressive, we like the creativity behind this expertly coordinated yearbook photo.

Which yearbook photo is your favorite?