If you happen to be a newscaster who isn't so sure of the material you're supposed to read, one way of limiting mistakes is concentrating very hard on the Teleprompter. Kara Manelli of WUFT in Gainesville, Florida displays this technique to a T as she finishes a story about a student housing lottery. She's concentrating so hard, she doesn't notice the woman behind her awkwardly trying to hide from the camera. 

As you can see, Manelli's intense prompter gaze is the least of the weirdness going on in this video. There's Kristin, in the background. It's not clear if she is trying to intentionally "video bomb" the telecast or trying not to video bomb the telecast.

But the best part is what happens to Manelli eyes when she is done reading. Released from their tractor beam lock, her eyes begin to spasm all over the place in a strange sign-off that is caught by the camera.

Local news has provided all sorts of great viral video moments over the years. This video manages to cram three of those moments in one thirty second clip.

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