It’s a double dose of news bloopers – a bloopers bonanza, if you will.

May brought with it a whole new set of TV news bloopers (beware the NSFW language) that will go down in history and in internet annals, providing a whole slew of reporters a reminder that they’re not above the occasional on-air gaffe. You’ll get some laughs knowing things don’t always go according to plan for these professionals, whether you’re in New York or New Mexico, Fort Lauderdale or Fort Wayne.

And just when you think you’ve gotten enough of a chuckle to help you get through the month, here’s a bonus. CNN has put together a compilation of the best bloopers from its 35 years in our homes that it calls “CNN's Funniest Bloopers.” That’s right. The cable news channel first beamed into our homes on June 1, 1980 and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, as the below video proves.

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