If you can't stand the heat, get out of the studio.

Natalie Tysdal, an anchor with Denver's KWGN, is the unfortunate soul who's gone viral for throwing up earlier this week when she took part in the in the "one chip challenge," in which she and her colleagues each took a bite of the world's hottest chip. It's a Paqui Chip and is made with the fiercely blazing Carolina Reaper pepper.

Now, we haven't tried this chip and her reaction doesn't exactly want to make us go running out to give it a taste, either. But seeing what happened did make for some interesting TV.

At least she acted quickly enough to duck under the desk to refund the chip. Can you imagine how many times this clip would've been circulated if she hurled for everyone to see? It definitely would've derailed any dreams of going network she ever had.

Tysdal herself took to Facebook to clarify how it all went so wrong so fast.

So, what really happened on TV this morning with the "one chip challenge?" I thought I was okay until I had a drink of my coffee to wash down the chip. I threw up, couldn't breathe and felt like fire was coming out of my mouth, nose and ears. I had a bottle of water, a glass of milk, a tablespoon of honey and 3 mints and still felt on fire. An hour later I had chills and a massive headache. Three hours have gone by and I feel like I was beat up in a dark alley. Oh, and did I mention I shared the chip with my producer Scott Elliott? CRAZY! I wouldn't recommend it.

Here's hoping things have finally cooled -- and calmed -- down for her on the set.

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