Alright, we'll give CTV anchorman Andrew Johnson a pass for not knowing what "canoodle" means. Maybe we didn't know what it meant either until gossip magazines co-opted it as their polite way of saying "doing it." But the key to handling words with definitions you don't know is to not use them. This goes double if you happen to be anchoring a nationwide news broadcast in Canada.

Nevertheless, when Johnson heard a woman say "canoodle" in the previous segment he simply couldn't resist using his fun new word with meteorologist Astrid Braunschmid.

"It's time for a full look at your forecast with Astrid. Maybe we can canoodle before you get into it," Johnson said without a clue.

While Johnson's come on may have been unintentional, Astrid's reaction was very to the point.

"We're not going to be canoodling," Astrid shot back, before making the universal gesture for "your tongue will never touch mine."

"Oh, I thought canoodle meant chat," Johnson explained, before nervously chuckling. Then the two sort of shared a terrible moment that ended with Johnson mortified, saying "Get me off... camera." Jeez Louise, we just wanted to know if we should bring a light jacket to the movies, not relive the psychological trauma of high school, CTV.