Here at TheFW, we love a good puppy cam. (They're pretty much one of the many magical wonders of the internet.) So naturally, our hearts melted when we heard about the latest one featuring a dog named Hope, and her six wiggling, squirmy, adoptable pit mix puppies born September 2nd.

Here's a bit of background. Hope was surrendered while pregnant to a South Los Angeles shelter. Her puppies were born, and at two weeks of age the extremely cool people at The Pet Collective and New Leash on Life rescued Hope and the pups. According to The Pet Collective's post on Youtube, the new mother of six boys(!) was named Hope to inspire others to help give hope to shelter animals everywhere. Her babies are yet to be named.

The shelter estimates that mama Hope is about three to four-years-old, and is in the process of being brought up to proper nursing weight. We are also told that mom and babies are all very sweet, and will be available for adoption in the Los Angeles area when they're the proper age. So turn the volume down on your work computer and get in on the adorable action!

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