A newly discovered photo has surfaced on eBay of a man from the 1800s who bears a striking resemblance to John Travolta. No wonder Travolta is ageless -- he's an immortal vampire. Or possibly a time-traveler. 

The Travolta doppelganger comes on the heels of an eBay seller who tried to auction off a picture of a man from the1870s who looked suspiciously like Nicolas Cage. Many have speculated that the Oscar-winning actor could in fact be a time-traveling vampire. That's just crazy enough to be the premise of a Nic Cage movie.

Check out the picture of Cage's 19th Century doppelganger below for comparison.  It's only a matter of time before Hollywood reteams Cage and Travolta for a 'Face/Off' sequel set during the Civil War.

(via Moviefone)