After a hard day’s work, why not come home and relax by watching one of the best new movies Netflix Instant has to offer for the month of April 2012? We’ve already done all the leg work for you and have picked the best new Netflix movies available on Instant. You’re welcome.

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New Netflix Instant Movies for April 24 - 30, 2012

New Netflix Instant Movies April 2012

‘Star Wars’ fans love the sci-fi franchise, but they aren’t always so enamored with its creator, George Lucas. That's why the “participatory documentary” ‘The People vs. George Lucas’ takes a look at this unique conflict.

Watch Brad Pitt play the Grim Reaper in the new Netflix Instant movie 'Meet Joe Black.’ It’s safe to say death has never looked so good.

Emilo Estevez directs his dad Martin Sheen in ‘The Way,’ in which a man pays homage to his son who died during a hike in Europe by completing the 500 mile journey.

Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin and Steve Zahn play child care for laughs in the new Netflix Instant movie for April 2012 ‘Daddy Day Care.'

Controversial director Mel Gibson explores the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life in the brutal epic ‘The Passion of The Christ.'

Watch sketch comedians ‘The Whitest Kids You Know' tackle everything from history to religion in their comedy special for free as a new Netflix Instant movie title.

New Netflix Instant Movies for April 17 - 23, 2012

New Netflix Instant Movies April 2012

In ‘Everything Must Go,’ which is based on a Raymond Carver short story, Will Ferrell plays a good-hearted alcoholic who takes to living in his front yard when he loses his job and his wife throws all of his stuff out of the house.

The surviving members of The Sex Pistols talk about their classic punk rock album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ in the documentary ‘Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks.’ Watch this new Netflix Instant movie during April 2012.

In the animated Marvel film 'Dr. Strange,' the title character obtains mysterious powers during a trip to Tibet, and then uses them to save humanity from destruction.

Director Werner Herzog explores the aftermath of a triple murder in Texas and tries to answer the vexing question of why people kill in the new Netflix Instant movie ‘Into the Abyss.

In ‘Roadie,’ Jimmy Testagros (played by Carl Eldred) loses his roadie gig after 20 years touring with Blue Oyster Cult. Middle-aged and with no job or skills, he returns to his hometown to tend to his ailing mom and has to adjust to life off the road.

New Netflix Instant Movies for April 10 - 16, 2012

New Netflix Instant Movies - April 2012

In the Robert Redford-directed historical drama ‘The Conspirator,' a young lawyer (James McAvoy) defends a confederate sympathizer (Robin Wright Penn) who has been accused of conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln. Watch this new Netflix Instant movie as things take a turn when the lawyer realizes his client may well be innocent.

'Dumb & Dumber 2' is happening! Get ready for it with the Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels classic, now with bonus footage. ‘Dumb & Dumber: Unrated’ finally makes its Netflix Instant debut in April.

Days of Heaven,’ director Terrence Malick’s stunning early 20th century period piece about lovers on the run, stars Richard Gere and Brooke Adams. Watch this new Netflix Instant movie, which snagged the 1978 Academy Award for Best Cinematography.

Overbearing super grandmother Mabel Simpson is back in ‘Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family.’

1977′s ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ made Meatloaf into an unlikely musical sensation. Now you can go behind the scenes of the album's creation with the new Netflix Instant movie ‘Classic Albums: Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell.'

In ‘The Cutting Edge,’ a stuck up figure skater (Moira Kelly) and a broken down hockey player (D.B. Sweeney) make magic on the ice. But can they cut through the tension between them and make a run at the Olympics? Watch this new April 2012 Netflix title and find out.

New Netflix Instant Movies for April 3 - 9, 2012

New Netflix Instant Movies for April 2012

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Ms. Robinson to Justin Bartha (the other guy from ‘The Hangover‘) in the May-December romcom ‘The Rebound.’

In Disney’s ‘Geek Charming,’ a nerd and aspiring director makes the popular girl in high school the subject of his documentary. Watch the duo, played by Matt Prokop and 'Modern Family's' Sarah Hyland, form an unlikely friendship as part of April's new Netflix Instant movies.

Historical drama ‘Amadeus’ snagged eight Oscars in 1984, including Best Picture. It is most known for F. Murray Abraham’s Academy Award-winning turn as Antonio Salieri, jealous older rival to the musical prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

1998’s ‘The Avengers’ wasn’t based on the Marvel comic, but rather the ‘60s-era television show of the same name. It comes with a great cast (Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, Sean Connery), but not so great reviews.

Middle-aged college buddies played by Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven, Thomas Jane and Christian McKay reunite for a weekend of debauchery and the consequences that come with it in ‘I Melt With You.

Watch Ben Stiller play heroin-addicted TV writer Jerry Stahl in the new Netflix Instant movie ‘Permanent Midnight.’ This film adaptation of Stahl’s autobiography is available for free starting April 2012.