Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School in New Jersey is officially a no-hugging zone.

In fact, if any of the school's students engage in any kind of physical embrace inside of its halls they risk detention.

The no-touching policy has actually been in place for some time, but parents were just informed of it recently, via an automated phone call. Most of the Matawan Aberdeen parents Fox Five News spoke to about the hugging ban are not happy with it at all, as you can see below.

The one parent Fox interviewed who agreed with the move was Deirdre Ring. "There was probably some inappropriate physical contact going on that led to this decision," she speculated.

School superintendent David Healy also issued a statement in support of principal Tyler Blackmore's decision to ban hugs.

Mr. Blackmore is responsible for the safety and well being of over 900 children ranging from eleven to fourteen years in age and to that end he makes several announcements on a daily basis. In an effort to address some incidents of unsuitable, physical interactions between students, Mr. Blackmore made an announcement to his students that they were in a "no hugging school."

What do you think? Can you get behind a hug ban?