Facebook announced a big overhaul of their user profile design at yesterday's f8 developers conference. The redesign includes a chronological sorting of each user's life in a feature they've dubbed the Timeline.

The feature automatically sorts all of a user's Facebook activity over time (so you'll be able to easily access those embarrassing wall exchanges with your old exes) and offers the ability to upload images or video from years past (your oversharing childhood pal is salivating over this). Get a closer look below:

Facebook timeline

While the change won't take effect for the general public until September 29, a preview is already available to developers and TechCrunch figured out how the rest of us can hack our own accounts to get a sneak peek. We tried this out ourselves and while loading the Timeline is a bit sluggish, the results are a pretty visualization of your life online.

The most buzzed-about aspect of the new profiles isn't the Timeline at all -- it's the "cover," a mural-like image that sits above your wall and profile picture. Users who've enabled the preview have been having a lot of fun with the cover already.

We went basic:

New Facebook profile

But others have been hacking the pictures to correspond with one another:

Facebook cover image hack
facebook cover hack

And some have just gone abstract, like this user whose image is a still from a movie theater welcome reel:

Facebook cover image

Seen any other cool cover image ideas? Send them our way!

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