What happens when rocket scientists take on the coffee machine? The answer is a $11,111 coffee maker which brews java at the "perfect" temperature.

The Blossom One Limited is the brainchild of Jeremy Kuempel. His development team for the device included engineers who've worked at NASA, Apple and the electronic car company Tesla.

The very expensive piece of kitchen equipment is about the size of a desktop computer. It has a camera and wi-fi capabilities because Kuempel hopes coffee bean packaging will eventually have QR codes allowing the Blossom One Limited to know exactly how to brew up different blends.

But even without that feature enabled, Kuemel has been getting pre-orders from restaurants and private individuals for the Blossom One, which will come with a  lifetime defect-free guarantee.

While eleven grand sounds pretty steep for a coffee maker, it seems less ridiculous when one considers how much you might spend at Starbucks over the years.

Still, we're not quite so sure that the draw of a cup of joe at the perfect temperature is all it's cracked up to be. Unless you drink it really quickly, it's going to start cooling off right away. Creating the perfect climate-controlled environment in which to drink your perfect coffee would probably run you a lot more than $11,111.

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