A simple outing for a manicure turned into a nightmare for one girl fighting for her life.

Queen's Nails, in Palmdale, Calif, recently told a teenage girl with a cancerous tumor it would not take her as a customer.

Patricia Moore has endured around a dozen rounds of radiation and another half dozen of chemo. Doctors told her they had run out of treatment options, at which point she was permitted to go outside in public for the first time in months.

Her mother decided to take her for a manicure at a local mall where Queen's Nails said she was not welcome, even though Patricia said, "I tried to explain to them I can use one of my pillows and put it on the chair and try to sit up."

The store's stance could violate federal law, requiring businesses to make adjustments for disabled people.

The incident shook up Patricia's mother, Shannon, who said, "That someone would tell her no based on her wheelchair, seeing her go into the mall smiling, and then come out crying and sad."

When local news station CBS2 went to the mall to get an explanation from Queen's Nails, one employee said, "If she cannot stand, I cannot do it."

However, another employee apologized and released a statement:

It was never our intention to hurt her feelings in any way. … We hope to move onward and possibly have a positive relationship with this amazing young lady."

The employee also said the episode has led the store to "be more accommodating, more compassionate."

There's no word whether Patricia and her mother will return to Queen's Nails.